Our mission is to be purposeful in everything we do. AGILE INTERIORS delivers innovative, integrated solutions based on expert insights and leading technology working in concert to best meet the specific needs of our clients. We believe in a sustainable, creative approach to design that accounts for all of our clients’ requests and completes your project in an efficient, satisfactory manner.


AGILE INTERIORS seeks to maximize freedom and control throughout the design process. Each additional tool we have added to the AGILE INTERIORS service offering has made us more flexible and more active in exploring our possibilities. Our software blends practical needs with artistic innovations to produce a solution that helps your space and your business fulfill its full potential.


AGILE INTERIORS’ team of designers and project managers are leaders in our field. When we launch a project, our goal is not to work within the limits of what is in front of us, but rather to expand the possible horizon for our designs. Our in-depth experience with ICE, DIRTT, Millwork and other interior solutions make us your go-to team for smart, sustainable design strategy. Custom is standard.


AGILE INTERIORS solutions ensure that aesthetics and functionality coexist in one space, with limitless possibilities. We use modularity and smart design strategy to build out sustainable, fully functional, beautiful spaces. All of our projects are low impact and reconfigurable for the greatest breadth of creative solutions, regardless of your office or industry.


Sustainability is at the heart of our purpose. Our proud tradition as a steward of smart, sustainable solutions centers on products such as DIRTT environmental solutions. By maintaining an iterative process that can be used from the beginning of a project through completion, we challenge ourselves to lessen your waste stream, carbon footprint and energy use while maintaining profitability. AGILE INTERIORS solutions are also easily transferable from one location to another, lowering the impact our build has on your environment.


We build our projects out quickly thanks to the adaptability of our software and potential combinations of our solutions. Our efficiencies speak to more than just the quickness of our work. AGILE INTERIORS designs spaces that serve their purpose in a balanced, integrated, and harmonious way.

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