Designing with Culture in Mind

Culture sets the tone for an organization, but what about its impact on a space? Ingrained in the day-to-day of organizations, the culture is not only heard, but seen, felt, and expressed through office design – impacting how teams utilize and experience their workplace. With an emphasis on culture continuing to grow, top organizations are considering how their spaces impact their people more than ever. The first step of every project? Identifying the why behind the design/redesign. We have worked with hundreds of culture-oriented organizations over the years, helping them develop spaces that truly reflect and support their culture. Keep reading to see some spaces we have worked on that truly align with the organizational culture and goals. 

  1. Flexible Work & Collaborative Spaces 

Open, collaborative spaces create avenues for creativity and establish a culture of flexibility. These spaces are perfect for any creatively-driven organization. This image comes from our Austin office, where we wanted to create an environment that’s fun, colorful, texture-rich, and perfect for a multitude of uses – adaptable yet refined, this space thoroughly represents our office culture. 

  1. Focused Areas 

Top organizations are creating spaces with focused areas – to support the different ways people work, create, and develop. Whether it’s a personal work environment preference or based on their day-to-day deliverables, offering multi-use spaces is imperative in a thoughtful office design. This organization wanted to support a multitude of departments and personalities, offering space for those who like to work in a group and those who need heads down time to focus. Planning spaces with the end user in mind is always key – and this organization did just that. People are a priority and this space perfectly aligns with that working culture. 

  1. Dedicated Creativity and Fun 

A perfect example of a work hard, play hard culture, this organization values a good time (and mental health). Knowing that happy people produce a higher quality of work, they added areas to support time to relax and get away when needed. This area was not only for fun, but serves as a multi-use room where you can either host meetings or connect with a co-worker over a game of ping pong. Thoughtful, well-executed, and playful – this space works well for the culture they are focused on creating – one where creativity is key. 

  1. Growth and Development 

Dedicated learning spaces are a great way for organizations to show the emphasis they are putting on personal and career development for their teams. This organization believes in continuous learning, and curated that into a workplace that encourages growth, collaboration, and education. This meeting and presentation space is ideal for their thought-forward culture that produces new ways of thinking, idea starters, and ah-ha moments.


  1. Transparency + Integrity

Open, collaborative, and transparent, this organization values transparency in every sense. Featuring honesty and integrity in their mission statement, this organization has a clear goal of making a difference without cutting corners. Their entire space perfectly aligns with their people-first culture. 

How does your organization’s space support your team? How does it match up with the culture you’re trying to create? These are all things to think about when it comes to office design and lifecycle. The office is so much more than just a place to get work done; the office is a place where relationships are made, growth ensues, passion pours, and creativity flows. How people experience your organization means something. Make it something that people care about. 


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