Modern office trends

The modern office is something that most of us are very familiar with, but the characteristics of the modern office often vary per organization. Although each company is different, there are some commonalities between groups. Let’s explore some current modern office trends and analyze their longevity in the industry. 

Custom Scents

Customized and branded scents are a modern office trend that we absolutely love. A long-standing tactic in the hospitality industry, adding a signature scent to your space can help people feel connected to your organization and create an atmosphere that has an energy of its own. Scents are one of the senses that can subconsciously create a lasting impression – and can quickly become a facet of a brand. Scents are a newer development, so we are not sure if they are here to stay, but regardless, we personally love this trend. 

Standing Desks

Just like society, office interiors have started to develop a more health-conscious mindset. The move to standing desks has been a slow-burning development but is one that we think is here for the long term. With people wanting more flexibility with their workspaces, this trend makes sense. Doing what a stationary desk can’t, standing desks add a customizable feature to the workplace that stationary options cannot compare to.  

Outdoor Workspaces

After more than a year pent up indoors, people are wanting to take advantage of fresh air now more than ever. This movement outside has been a quick change in the industry that we think will withstand the test of time. No matter your climate, we think that this trend is going to last, whether that means bringing the outside in or taking some of the insides out. So, bring on all of the office plants, outdoor furniture, and third spaces featured with fresh air. 

Sustainable Alternatives

Similar to the movement towards health-consciousness, sustainability has been a long-time-coming shift in the industry. These sustainable efforts are being incorporated through things like demountable walls, repurposed pieces, and eco-friendly development tracks that help make a difference in the long and short terms for the business. We think that this movement in the industry goes beyond just a trend and will become part of the way projects are handled. From start to finish, we think sustainable alternatives are going to become non-negotiables sometime in the near future. 

Nature Elements

We mentioned the trend of outdoor workspaces, but this also extends to design elements within the internal space. Plants, organic coloring, and nature-inspired pieces are all part of the movement towards a more natural work environment. We have seen this with greens and muted tones throughout 2021 and we think that this will always have its place in the office interior space. 

Statement Pieces

Although modern and muted spaces have been popular, statement pieces have also found their stride in the interior design space. Statement pieces like this are used to add dimension, color, and contrast to spaces big and small. Whether this trend is used as a pop of color or as a textural addition, there’s no denying that statement pieces are fun ways to amplify your space. 

Home Inspiration

It’s no surprise that people have adjusted to working in their homes over the past 2 years. So the trend of making offices feel more like homes does not come as a shock to the industry. Including more pillows, third spaces, and collaborative spaces that exclude desks – this trend is a major shift in the design world. Going into 2022, we think that this will be a strong office interior trend that’s temporarily here to stay. It’s hard to say if it will become a permanent part of offices, but for now, it has its place. 

All these things, trends or not, can add a lot to your office interior. From personnel engagement to workplace aesthetics, the little details in your space matter. At the end of the day, you know your space and what will work for it. And you know your business and what will represent it well. Remember the driving forces within your organization and what you can add to your space to stir an emotional response from your people – that’s how you create a timeless space, no matter what trends you’re trying out.


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