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One of the less-than-ideal parts of renovating your office includes the interim plans that come with change. Chances are Changing the floorplan of your office is an entirely different undertaking than just switching out your furniture pieces. Often very time-consuming, costly, and labor-intensive, updating the layout of your space is not a simple adjustment. What if we told you that these long, laborious processes for office renovations are a thing of the past? Large-scale construction projects can be a headache for many different reasons, if only there was an alternative that cost less, delivered more, and took a fraction of the time to install? Que DIRTT. DIRTT is a sustainable way to change your space using demountable walls. Let’s explore why DIRTT just makes sense for sustainably changing your office. 

1. Lower Cost 
Because of the nature of the DIRTT product and its time-saving capabilities, this solution costs a fraction of what traditional construction would for the same great results (if not better). With DIRTT, your project will likely cost less than other construction options, something that will be apparent all that way from the initial quote to the bottom line. 

2. Faster Turnaround 
Since DIRTT walls are often considered to be “finished products”, they are quick and easy to install. With DIRTT projects taking a matter of days and weeks instead of months, like most traditional construction projects, you are able to save a substantial amount of time during the duration of the project. 

3. Easier Transition 
DIRTT is not only easy to install but is also easy to adjust once added to your space. With flexible capabilities, customizable options, and straightforward steps. Making DIRTT work for the space you have (or need) is simpler than ever. 

4. Integrated Solutions 
Not just walls – DIRTT offers many different solutions within themselves. Some of these solutions include technology and design, which can completely transform your space, streamlining the function of your space. 

5. Sustainable in Nature 
Given the shorter lead times, faster turnaround, and choice of materials, DIRTT not only is a smart choice for your space but also a smart choice for the environment. As one of the more sustainable ways to transform your space, you can feel good about choosing DIRTT walls for your next project. 

6. Look and Use 
Not only do DIRTT walls add modern and sleek design options, but they also are high-performing, functional pieces of your space. Offering features like integrated technology and sound masking, these wall solutions work as well as, if not better, than traditional walls. 

Being a forward-thinking company means considering the short and long-term impacts of your projects. By implementing DIRTT’s office solutions you are keeping your budget, people, and community top of mind. If you are interested in seeing how DIRTT can change your space, reach out to our team – we are Houston’s* top DIRTT dealer and have proven success across areas and industries. 

*DIRTT is only available to our Houston clients


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