How to follow trends without redoing your entire space

Each year, season, and month there is something new trending for interior spaces. With trends constantly evolving, it can be hard to determine what is and isn’t worth the investment. Luckily, we have come up with 5 ways to test the waters with trends without fully committing to a full office redesign. Let’s look at 5 different ways to incorporate current trends into your current office space. 

Trend: Bright Colors
Bright colors are back and they are more prevalent than ever. Often used as an accent color, these bright additions are a great way to add some fun to your space.

Solution: Change out the pillows in your office space or add them if you don’t have any. Pillows are an easy way to incorporate different colors and textiles into your space. This is also a great way to test out an accent color to see how it reads. Pro tip: if you plan to test various options, invest in pillow shams as you start out. This will allow you to purchase fewer actual pillows, while still getting to test the colors you’d like in the space. 

Trend: Architectural Pieces 
Even though this seems like a large investment, it doesn’t have to be. Architectural pieces are trending in interior design, with pergolas and gazebos leading the charge. Although large features are making up a majority of this trend, they can certainly be incorporated into your space in smaller, more cost-effective ways. 

Solution: Try adding this trend through aspects like lamps, light fixtures, and wall decor. With these, you can still play around with the design features without the commitment of large-scale pieces. Lamps, light fixtures, and wall decor can all be easily replaced and can help to add to your space in a cost-effective manner. 

Trend: Soft Edges 
With the ’70s being the main source of inspiration for a majority of current interior trends, the rise of soft edges should be no surprise. Smooth, pillowy pieces are great ways to incorporate this trend into your space, focusing on soft lines in the design. 

Solution: Instead of investing in crucial pieces, this trend can be honored with round pillows, curved art pieces, and circular rugs throughout your space. These will help bring in the curved aspects without redoing entire pieces. 

Trend: Greenery & Outdoor Spaces 
Outdoor workspaces are not only a huge trend but are also a major investment. The trends of nature-based design, greenery, and natural lighting all work together to create a new work environment that people will enjoy. 

Solution: Adding indoor plants, additional lighting, and nature-based imagery can all contribute to this trend in a cost-effective way. Another fun way to do this trend is to let your people bring their own plants to the office as desk decor. Encourage them to decorate and add greenery to their space. Remember, their space is your space! 

Office design trends are ever-evolving and constantly adjusting. Oftentimes, people redoing their office want to focus on a timeless look, with classic pieces that contribute to the productivity of the space. So, finding ways to stay modern in design, while keeping the base of your office timeless is the key to a happy and sustainable office.


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